Mission Statement
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Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Rockford continues the ministry of Jesus in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church.
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Our mission is to serve God for the common good with compassion, dignity and respect; to assist people in achieving a degree of independence consonant with their human dignity; and to work in solidarity with the Church and the other people of good will in advocating for justice.

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International Adoption Program 

The International Adoption Program is specifically designed for those married and single applicants who are interested in adopting a child born in a foreign country. 

Catholic Charities is not a placing agency for foreign born children.  The Agency works with and through United States based placing agencies. These agencies and the foreign government will have a set of standards and minimum requirements.  The United States based placing agency depends on our agency to complete the home and licensing study, the preparation program, and supervision after the placement until final adoption occurs.  

There is generally no waiting list of applicants for the adoption of foreign-born children.  All applicants interested in adopting a foreign-born child will begin the license and home study process as soon as possible after contact with the Agency.  The applicants must complete an application with a United States based placing agency prior to initiating the home study and preparation process.  

An adoption fee will be charged to those applicants adopting through this program and is separate from the fees paid to the United States based placing agency.  

The adoption fee for the International Adoption Program is $2,200 for the home study, and $175 for each report required for post-placement supervision.  Each country and /or agency will have its own specific requirements for post-placement reports, and may be required for up to 3 years after placement.  

The fee is paid accordingly:

-    $750 is due upon initial application 
-    $750 is due within 30 days of initiating the home study
-    $700 is due upon completion of the home study, licensure and approval.

*** The fee of $2,200 must be paid in full, prior to the submission of the home study and child information to Immigration and the Intercountry Adoption unit at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and USCIS Bureau of Homeland Security for final approval.  

Updates to the home study after approval by Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and USCIS Bureau of Homeland Security will be charged as follows: 

-    $150 will be charged for updating changes of address, employment, household numbers and/or agency, as ell as annual updates if required by Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and USCIS Bureau of Homeland Security.  

-    $250 will be charged for the updating of a home study and documents when the family requests to change the country from which they wish to adopt. 

*** Separate fees will be charged for background checks for FBI and State of Illinois(IBI), the current fee for an updated FBI and State of Illinois combined is $60/ person, IBI only fee is $50/ person, and FBI only is $60/ person, these fees are paid directly to the vendor and the results are sent to Catholic Charities. 

For each post placement report completed a fee of $175 will be due at the time the report is completed and prior to submission to the appropriate agency.