Mission Statement

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Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Rockford continues the ministry of Jesus in faithfulness to the Magisterium of the Church
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Our mission is to serve God's people for the common good with compassion, dignity and respect; to assist people in achieving a degree of independence consonant with their human dignity; and to work in solidarity with the Church and other people of goodwill in advocating for justice.

Meet Our Director

Welcome to Catholic Charities!

Our mission is as old as our Church and as current as today's morning news.  Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Rockford has the enviable role of being the Church's face-to-face presence in the lives of our Diocese's neediest.  What some may see as obligations or inconvenience we see as opportunities.  Our challenge is to find and provide the human, monetary, physical and geographical resources to accomplish those objectives.

Jesus gave us our first mission statement:  feed the hungry; clothe the naked; provide comfort to the afflicted.  He encourages us still with his adoration:  "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, that you do unto me."

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta put it succinctly:  "Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier."

And our own mission statement challenges and directs us to "serve God's people...with compassion, dignity and respect; to assist people in achieving a degree of independence consonant with their human dignity."

However we can help, wherever we are needed, whenever the need appears, we want to be there with the services that the people of the Diocese of Rockford can use to have life make sense again.  No one need feel alone during times of stress or uncertainty.  We may not always have the complete answer to everyone's concerns or needs, but we will always try to model the caring behavior and respect that is due our fellow life travelers, irrespective of the circumstances in which we find each other. 

I hope you find this website useful.  We've tried to clearly define our services and have included various ways to receive your questions, comments and feedback.  Once you've found us, no matter the reason you came looking, we hope you will consider yourself part of our family and allow us to become part of yours.  Together we can achieve much, one person at a time.

Thanks for visiting.  Please come back.

Patrick J. Winn
Diocesan Director
555 Colman Center Drive
Rockford, IL  61108
(815) 399-4300   Ext. 369


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