Janet Biljeskovic

Janet Biljeskovic is a native of the former Yugoslavia and was resettled as a refugee by Catholic Charities at the end of 1994.  Being among the first refugees from that region, she immediately became a volunteer, assisting other new arrivals. In January 1998 she was hired as the Refugee Program volunteer coordinator.  Janet held various positions within the program, and in October 2013 she became the Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services director for Catholic Charities – Diocese of Rockford.

Janet has a background in science. She has DOJ accreditation by the Department of Justice to practice family law immigration.  Her personal journey as a refugee and the experience of being resettled through Catholic Charities provides her with a deep understanding of the needs of the newly arriving refugees.  Janet has found her true passion in helping those in need.

Program Director
Refugee Resettlement Services
(815) 399-1709